Replace your stock trailing arms with these stronger specially made ones.  These can also be purchased with a bushing kit.

Roof and Caps

S&T pours all of their 3rd link bushings in house. They're made to your specifications.

Plastic noses

hand guards

Plastic and Aluminum hood scopes are available in several colors.


S&T stocks several items to keep your drivetrain lubed up and in top working condition.


hood scoops

S&T can get you car ready for the track with these colored plastic noses.

We can get you set up with a skirting kit in the color of your choice.

S&T has several items on hand to help get your car ready for race season, just give us a call.


3rd link bushings

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S&T stocks a full line of colored aluminum and fiberglass roofs.

Plastic and Fiberglass hand gaurds are also available in several colors.


stock car trailing arms